“Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.” 
 Ken Robinson

Our Story

The proud owner of Durham's finest Montessori school, Indigo Montessori, has opened Sleeping Grass to fill the need for flexible, drop in childcare. Through the years many Indigo parents have asked for a childcare option during school vacation or simply for a few hours. With our drop-in center we provide a fun and safe place for parents when regular schools are closed for vacation, summer or when you just need a spur of the moment sitter. At Sleeping Grass Studio, we offer an arts based drop in care. Our uniquely designed rooms are based upon various art modalities including visual arts, music, movement, storytelling, drama, cooking, and beyond. Here at Sleeping Grass, we have created a safe and original environment that encourages children to be expressive and creative. 

Drop-In/Flexible day care allows you, as parents, to get the quality you seek in child care, during the hours you need it. We are open during most every holiday, and especially open during other schools' teacher work days!

School holiday or regular caregiver can’t make it?
It’s OK! Sleeping Grass accepts Drop-In children during all of our business hours! Last minute? No problem! We are happy to have your children!

Need some “me” time? Want to go shopping? Out to dinner with friends? Play Golf? Clean the house in peace? Get a pedicure? Go to the gym?
Go For it! Sleeping Grass  is fun for kids! They’ll enjoy the getaway as much as you! Just bring them by on your way! Take as much time as YOU need.

Reservations are encouraged but are not required.